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Resignation of government fails to stop Bulgaria protests

Resignation of government fails to stop Bulgaria protests
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Thousands of protesters are out on the streets of Sofia, showing that discontent in Bulgaria has not been satisfied with the resignation of the prime minister and his government on February 20.

People are still angry about extortionate energy bills and poverty – blaming what they call the ‘energy mafia’ and all politicians.

“In the government there should be people who really care about Bulgaria, they should care about the country instead of thinking that the common people should manage by themselves,” said one of the protesters.

Another protester added: “We are now the poorest country in Europe. Why? Just because all these years we have been robbed and no money has been given to the Bulgarian people – and the little money that was given was taken from them.”

Ahead of the demonstrations, Bulgaria’s president Rosen Plevneliev met with protesters gathered in front of the Ministry of Economy and made this appeal:

“I invite you, as soon as next week, together with other civil organizations and labour unions, to work together for what is important for the country.

“Thank you for the demands that were handed to me. I wish you good luck. Let’s prove that we believe in the democratic values and the future of Bulgaria. We will work together. The Presidency is open!” Plevneliev told the crowd.

In what is the EU’s poorest country, many accuse politicians of corruption and want the chief prosecutor to investigate all those believed to have stolen since the fall of communism in 1989.