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Protesters call for dismissal of new Egypt Attorney General

Protesters call for dismissal of new Egypt Attorney General
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Hundreds of Egyptians have demonstrated outside the High Court in Cairo, demanding the departure of President Mursi’s newly-appointed Attorney General and the government.

In the latest in a series of protests against the president and the Muslim Brotherhood, they denounced what they say is undue interference in people’s lives and called for an independent judiciary.

Dozens of women including lawyers were among the demonstrators, accusing the president of trying to control state institutions by appointing his supporters to key positions.

The protesters chanted slogans such as “the people want to overthrow the regime” and “the blood of our sons will not be forgotten”.

The opposition alleges Mursi is running Egypt in a similar manner to the old regime.

“ We are here to protest against the fascist regime. We removed one corrupt regime and we got a fascist regime in its place, our brothers are still in prison and we can not release them. We think of the martyrs, until now we have not had justice for them,” said one demonstrator.

“As long as blood continues to flow in the country, as it has in the past few days and maybe will do in the future, that means the regime lacks legitimacy. We are not asking Mursi for anything, but telling him that the Attorney General is HIS special representative, not the Egyptian people’s,” said a woman among the crowd.

President Mursi has called parliamentary elections in the spring, no doubt hoping that they will put an end to the protests, but the move seems to have done little to defuse tensions.

Euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim said at the rally in Cairo:
“Every Friday the opposition holds a rally against the policies of the Egyptian president, but the difference is that these days demonstrations are becoming more peaceful and orderly. The civil disobedience has spread to several Egyptian provinces.”