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Clayderman fails to inspire London Zoo Tortoises

Clayderman fails to inspire London Zoo Tortoises
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Richard Clayderman’s music has had some success with the human race; now he is trying it out on tortoises in an attempt to encourage them to mate.

The man who inspired a million candlelit dinners serenaded the audiophile amphibians with a grand piano transported to London Zoo’s giant tortoise enclosure for a private concert.

Himself an animal-lover, Clayderman said he jumped at the chance to perform for the endangered species.

“It’s touching to see these animals that are so old, these tortoises are80 or 90. I don’t know actually. I’m very touched because I like
animals a lot. My mother has lots of cats, and I have a dog at home. So I’m very happy with animals,” he said.

However, the tortoises did not appear particularly impressed, perhaps exhausted from struggling to fend off predators all their lives. Or maybe they just prefer Radiohead. They are now under threat, so the zoo’s breeding programme is vital for their survival.

Clayderman has just announced the release of “Romantique”, his first major album for over a decade.