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Serbs arrest man for bomb incident

Serbs arrest man for bomb incident
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A Serbian man has been arrested in Mitrovica on suspicion of being involved in a bombing that injured two Serb children.

They were hurt during the night when what seems to be a hand grenade was thrown trough their bedroom window.

Police say they found ammunition, a grenade similar to the one used in the attack, and a Kalashnikov at the suspect’s house.

Mitrovica is a flashpoint near Kosovo’s northern border with Serbia, where relations between Serbs and ethnic Albanians are continually on a knife-edge. Kosovo broke away from Serbia in 1999 aided by NATO, which has since run Kosovo as a ward with 6000 peacekeeping troops.

The Serb and Kosovan presidents are due to meet in Brussels on Wednesday for only the second time for EU-mediated talks designed to end the conflict and bring both closer to EU membership negotiations.