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Slush fund scandal follows Spain's Rajoy to Berlin

Slush fund scandal follows Spain's Rajoy to Berlin
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On a visit to Berlin, Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy has again denied taking money from a slush fund.

Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of an upcoming EU summit, there was no escaping the corruption scandal uncovered by Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Leader of the opposition Socialists, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba wants Rajoy to resign.

Asked about his integrity during a press conference, Rajoy said: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the things I’m accused of are false. So I haven’t changed since last Saturday, I’m still the same, with same desire, hope, strength and courage as my first day in office.

“The government is stable, the Popular party has a majority and clear goals; economic and jobs growth,” he added.

Allegations are that Rajoy was paid 25,000 euros a year for 11 years by former party treasurer Luis Bárcenas, with the money coming from donations from construction companies.

Former finance minister Rodrigo Rato is also accused of receiving money.

Both deny any wrongdoing.