Italy election campaign: Berlusconi and Grillo gain momentum

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Italy election campaign: Berlusconi and Grillo gain momentum

Italy election campaign: Berlusconi and Grillo gain momentum
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With just three weeks to go until Italy’s general election, there is still no clear indication of an alliance amongst any of the key parties.

The Democratic Party, led by Pierluigi Bersani, is in the lead. Like all the other parties, it is unlikely to win enough votes to rule alone.

Italy’s current Prime Minister Mario Monti is heading up a campaign for his newly-formed centrist faction. But it is trailing the Democrats in the polls and also coming in behind comeback king, Silvio Berlusconi.

Business magnate and former prime minister Berlusconi has launched what he called his “last great electoral battle” and promised tax cuts if he wins.

Monti is stuck in third place – behind Berlusconi and the Democrats – polling around 15 percent, the same level as former comedian Beppe Grillo.

Grillo has shaken up the campaign with huge online support, and he is aiming to shake up policy as well.

He explained his agenda of energy efficiency to euronews.

“Less energy, less materials, less work. This is the policy. Less materials – instead of 40 tonnes per person, use 20 tons. You can produce the same objects with half the material,” Grillo said.

“A third of the energy – instead of 6000 watts, which is the European consumption average, let’s reduce it to 2000 watts. And instead of a 40 hour working week, 20 hours,” Grillo added.

Bersani leads the polls while Grillo and Berlusconi have the momentum, but the elections do not take place until February 24-25 and three weeks is a long time in politics.