Clinton bows out of US State Department

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Clinton bows out of US State Department

Clinton bows out of US State Department
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It is Hillary Clinton’s last day as US Secretary of State.

She has been on what she described as a “fast track” for the last four years and she’s now looking forward to stepping off.

Stepping down from the State Department, the 65 year old refused to say whether she would, or would not run for the White House in 2016.

“America today is stronger at home and more respected in the world,” she told an event organised by the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, “and our global leadership is on firmer footing than many predicted.”

In 2009, Clinton had just missed a chance for the presidency, losing out to Barack Obama.

Since then she has visited a record 112 countries and as America’s face of foreign affairs.

Even so, there are some who question what she achieved despite all the to-ing and fro-ing.

Editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy Magazine Susan Glasser said: “While she’s perceived to have done a great job – her approval ratings are among the highest for any US politician right now, of either party – at the same time, very few people can point to very concrete accomplishments that she’s had in the job. To a certain extent, that reflects, what is the job of Secretary of State in this day and age?”

Now Clinton said she wants to concentrate on subjects that she cares deeply about, like among other things, women’s issues.

The man who will take over is the Massachussetts Democrat Senator John Kerry. The Senate confirmed him as the new Secretary of State earlier this week.