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Cloonatics queue in the cold for George's new film

Cloonatics queue in the cold for George's new film
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Thousands of German wannabe film actors braved bitter temperatures at Potsdam near Berlin for a chance to appear in the latest effort by George Clooney.

He is producing, directing and starring in a World War Two movie called The Monuments Men at the Babelsberg Studios, so blond hair and military training were in demand.

As temperatures hit minus 13 celsius, former soldier Ronald Koehler said: “I have waited long enough. I thought my time in the military must have been good for something.”

Lara Weiss held out hope for a part. “I think they more after men. But we thought, we’d try anyway. There’s no harm in it.”

For those who do land a role, it will mean shedding today’s hairstyle for the short back and sides of the 1940s. Matthias Schrader said his ’70s rock-star look would have to go. “I don’t think the haircut would be today,” he said, “only when filming starts.”

Babelsberg Studios has already played host to top directors including Quentin Tarantino and Roman Polanski. George Clooney’s production is due to start filming in the Spring.