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Violent clashes on anniversary of Egypt uprising

Violent clashes on anniversary of Egypt uprising
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Thousands of people have gathered in Tahrir square in Cairo on the second anniversary of the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak. They are angry because they believe that the revolution they fought for has not delivered.

Opponents of Mohammed Mursi, the elected Islamist president, say he is trampling
on the new democracy.

Egyptian film director, Khaled Yousseff is one of those calling for change: “Today is a continuation of the revolution’s demands represented in the fact that the people will not rest until these demands are complete,” he said, “at the forefront of which is the ousting of the current regime which does not represent the goals or spirit of the revolution.”

Riot police fired teargas at protesters trying to cross barricades around the presidential palace.

In Alexandria more protestors were hurt in clashes with police.

At least 61 civilians and 32 riot police have been reported injured across the country.

Critics say Egypt’s new constitution gives the president too much power and does little to protect human rights.