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Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf airports hit by security staff strike

Bonn, Cologne and Dusseldorf airports hit by security staff strike
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Airport staff in Germany have gone on strike to claim higher wages.

Around 370 workers left their posts in Bonn and Cologne, shutting down all security checkpoints, with long queues of passengers forming.

Unions are demanding a 14.50 euro hourly wage for security staff, up from the current 11.80 euros per hour.

Özay Tarim, Verdi Union Spokesperson said:
“We’re no longer prepared to accept that we have to work up to 230 hours per month just to have a salary that enables us to live, feed a family and buy fuel to get to and from work.”

Dusseldorf airport was similarly affected. Over 90 flights were cancelled in the ongoing labour dispute. Only six of the 42 security checkpoints remained open.

One passenger caught in the queue told euronews:
“I was surprised, I hadn’t been informed and found a queue about 200 metres long. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to leave at all.”

Last week, a similar one-day strike by staff caused serious disruption to Hamburg airport.

By turning their attention to other major airports in Germany, the trade union Verdi is hoping to pile the pressure on employers and gain more leverage for their demands.