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Save Hellas, buy Greek

Save Hellas, buy Greek
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Traders in the Hellenic Republic trying to win hearts, minds and pockets are calling on people to buy Greek products.

Though the word crisis may be Greek in origin, the solution to the economic stagnation may be found in the Mediterranean country too. George Baltas, a professor at Athens University of Economics and Business explains that, “the more you use the Greek brand as a marketing tool, the more the consumer is paying attention to this side of the product.”

The hope is that by promoting Greek products, and supporting Greek companies it will help save jobs. A crucial effort when one in four Greeks is unemployed.

George Kavvathas, from the General Confederation of Greek Small Businesses and Traders notes that,
“today 50 percent of our industry is not producing. It doesn’t have the capability to produce. This can be reversed with the help of consumers who turn to Greek products.”

Analysts estimate that if each family spends just 4,000 euros per year on Greek products, there would be an annual boost of 10 billion euros to the economy. The government are in the process of making a “made in Greece” logo to help with the economic recovery.