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Algeria hostage aftermath: 25 more bodies found

Algeria hostage aftermath: 25 more bodies found
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New details are emerging about the four-day hostage crisis at an Algeria gas facility. Amateur footage appears to show burnt out vehicles following an attack by government forces early on in the standoff.

According to an Irish hostage who was inside one of the vehicles that made up the convoy, several al-Qaeda linked militants and hostages were killed.

That’s led to new questions about the Algerian response to the raid and whether such a large loss of life at the In Amenas plant was unavoidable.

At least 48 Algerian and foreign hostages died along with 32 militants. The death toll rose after Algerian TV confirmed a further 25 bodies of hostages had been discovered inside the compound on Sunday.

Seven hostages died during the final raid on Saturday. It’s still unclear whether any were rescued.

Algerian TV showed photos, apparently of kneeling hostages with their hands in the air.

Several foreign governments have complained that they weren’t informed about plans to re-take the facility.