Google denies donkey hit-and-run

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Google denies donkey hit-and-run

Google denies donkey hit-and-run
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Google has denied killing a donkey on a road in Botswana after some people accused one of its cars of a hit-and-run while taking pictures for its Street View mapping service.

Surely Google could not ignore such an accusation! and Kei Kawai, of Google Maps therefore wrote a blog post entitled Never ass-ume restoring the original photos, in which you can see the front and back of the Google car which are normally blurred.

Kei Kawai explains that the animal was enjoying a roll in the dust, when the car arrived and it stood up and moved out of the way to allow the car to pass. He says that because of the 360 degree angle taken by the camera some had played the image in reverse, mistakenly believing that the car had hit the donkey. Kei Kawai concludes: “I’m pleased to confirm the donkey is alive and well.”

The story spread quickly because of a tweet on January 14 from the @streetviewfunny account which searches for unusual images from the Google site.

Word also got around via Reddit where the images received over 400 comments. Some were saddened, but others reassured them saying they were watching the scene the other way around:

Indeed, after consulting our best euronews expert we can deduce that:

1. The other car in the images passes on the right.

2. So the “Google car” is driving on the left.

3. In Botswana they drive on the left so the Google car is moving towards the donkey from that direction.

4. The donkey can be seen standing in the dust of the other Jeep.

5. It then rolls in the dirt in front of the Google car.

6. It then stands up allowing the car to pass and is unharmed.

7. So he survived unscathed and went on to live a long and happy life. Or at the very least he wasn’t crushed to death on this occasion.

8. Google is found not guilty

9. Phew!

10. The end.