Arnie is back in "The Last Stand"

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Arnie is back in "The Last Stand"

Arnie is back in "The Last Stand"
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Mr Governor, Mr Terminator, Mr Universe, Mr Schwarzenegger is back on the silver screen in the “The Last Stand.”
Arnie plays a retired police officer determined to prevent a drug-cartel boss passing through his town to get across the Mexican border.

The actor says it is not his first role since his return:
“It is a comeback as a starring role, I did “The Expendables,” that was kind of a warm-up. The difference is of course that in “The Expendables” you’d be with ten or twelve of the toughest guys in movies so the responsibility is kind of spread out. “The Last Stand” is my first starring role.”

The 65-year-old believes he is now a far better actor:

“ I feel that I have a bigger range acting-wise. It could be because of the age, it could be because of the experience that I have had now as governor, the kind of things that you go through the kind of things you see first-hand, that you normally don’t see.”

Following the recent spate of mass shooting in the states, film violence is coming under scrutiny:

“I personally think that this is entertainment and the other thing is serious real-life tragedy and I think that we kind of continue doing our entertainment and that’s what we are doing, it’s our profession,but at the same time we all have a responsibility in order to improve the situation to reduce somewhat the violence, the crazy shootings and deaths.”

“The Last Stand” goes on global release in late January.

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