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UK foreign secretary Hague condemns Algerian kidnappings

UK foreign secretary Hague condemns Algerian kidnappings
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Britain’s Foreign Secretary has urged caution about linking the kidnappings and gas facility attack to France’s military intervention in Mali.
William Hague said there was no justification for what is happening: “It is absolutely unacceptable of course. It is in this case the cold-blooded murder of people going about their business. So there is no excuse whether it be connected to Libya, Mali or anywhere else.”
Norway’s Statoil jointly runs the besieged gas complex, which is Algeria’s third largest. Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg confirmed that 13 Norwegians are among the foreigners being held hostage, and that two of them have been hurt.
“At this point we don’t wish to speculate who’s behind this or what may be their motives. Our task is to get our countrymen home safe, and that no human lives are lost,“ said Stoltenberg. 
Meanwhile, Japan’s prime minister will head an emergency security cabinet meeting to coordinate Tokyo’s response to the hostage crisis.