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Greece's New Democracy condemns attack on HQ

Greece's New Democracy condemns attack on HQ
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Greece’s ruling party says it will not be intimidated by an attack on its office in Athens.

In the early hours of Monday, gunshots were fired at the headquarters of the New Democracy party.

One of the bullets from the assault rifle smashed through a window and landed in an office formerly used by its leader Antonis Samaras.

The building was empty at the time so there were no injuries reported. It follows a spate of makeshift bomb attacks against political figures and journalists.

Ruling party MP Makis Voridis told parliament: “New Democracy must continue on its own path to reform.” He also condemned what he called terrorist action.

Some of the attacks are being claimed by leftist groups who are angry at the deep financial crisis that Greece is experiencing.

There have also been reports that the violence may be linked to a recent police operation removing squatters from public buildings.