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Germany warns Greek opposition

Germany warns Greek opposition
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The Greek parliament has raised taxes on the self employed, and high earners. They are the latest troika-imposed measures to reduce Greece’s budget deficit. In return, the Greeks will get another slice of aid; billions of euros.

But many are not happy at the medicine being forced on Greece, and the left’s leader Alexis Tsipras has been in Berlin to put the case for more growth

“The austerity programmes have failed in Europe and especially in Greece. We must now deal with their impact: poverty, unemployment, the rise of fascism. This nightmare must not return or spread across Europe”, he said.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Shauble will have told him there is no alternative to belt-tightening. Athens’ latest measures are expected to raise an additional 2.5 billion euros this year, but Tsipras says it’s another attack on Greece’s embattled middle class, who have already seen their wages and pensions cut.

The government may also be worried, as the laws passed with no bipartisan support from the opposition, which is increasingly unwilling to support more austerity.