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Paris not the city of love

Paris not the city of love
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Paris is bracing for huge crowds to descend on the city for tomorrow’s anti gay marriage demonstration. Legalising same-sex marriage and adoption by homosexuals was one of the French president’s election promises, and he has said that he plans to press ahead with the legislation, no matter what.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators turned out last November however, to protest against same-sex marriage.

Frigide Barjot a comedian and activitst said: “The legal relationship between parent and child will change. It will no longer come from a man and a women as linked to nature but from a judicial viewpoint it will be from two men or two women, which is contrary to nature. This where there is a problem and that’s why we shouldn’t implement this law but a different one which institutes same-sex marriage without any procreation, making it a civil union.”

There have also been large demonstrations of support for the proposed legislation, with activists claiming that the right wing have seized on the issue as a good way of destabilising the Socialist government.