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Kurdish protests escalate in Paris

Kurdish protests escalate in Paris
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Thousands of people are out on the streets in France today protesting against the killing of three Kurdish activists earlier this week in Paris.

An enquiry has been launched but so far no motive has been established and the killer has not been identified although various theories have been put forward to explain why the women were apparently executed. They were found with mutiple gunshot wounds to their heads.

One theory is that the killings were a deliberate attempt to derail Turkey’s upcoming peace process, aimed at ending the 28 year old Kurdish insurgency against Turkey. An alternative theory is that the killings were political.

Another is that they were the result of in-fighting in the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party), an idea strongly denied by protesters.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has called on his French counterpart François Hollande to explain why he recently met with the women, who had links to the PKK, which is regarded by Turkey, the EU and the US as a terrorist organisation.