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Belgian minister urges car show models to cover up

Belgian minister urges car show models to cover up
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The bodywork of the latest models on display at the Brussels Auto Show has caused a storm in Belgian politics.

The country’s Minister of Equal Opportunities has written a letter to organisers urging hostesses to cover up their curves.

Joelle Milquet told bosses that the show is a family event and that manufacturers should be cautious about the revealing clothes sported by the girls.

“We have to question the stereotypes we are passing on to children and young adults,” she wrote.

Joost Kaesemans, a spokesman for the organisers, said: “It’s not our job to be the moral police. We’re not going to send out a team to measure the skirts of every model.”

But car shows wouldn’t be car shows without an array of beauties sprawled over the bonnets. Some say their presence can spruce up even the ugliest set of wheels.

“I think it’s important to respect the women a little but those that we ask to come and work here they know what they’re in for,” said Caroline Stasse, head of public relations for Mitsubishi Belgium.

Joelle Milquet will attend the event, which runs until the 20th of January.

And she’ll be pleased to know some carmakers are cleaning up their act in the name of equal opportunities: men are modelling alongside the cars for the first time at the Brussels Auto Show.