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Supreme court decision splits opinions

Supreme court decision splits opinions
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Last year’s presidential election campaign in Venezuela was evidence of how the president is revered by sections of the population. But his critics denounce the former soldier as an autocrat.

What of the immediate future? Venezuelan journalist Gerardo Lombardi who is President of the Latin America Association for Radio Education told euronews the Supreme Court’s decision was crucial for the president’s rank and file supporters.

“This situation benefits the image of President Chavez. But that’s not the case for everyone, who does it not favour? It seems that the situation is not so clear in the ranks of the president’s supporters.

The ‘chavismo’ -people who follow him – will stay close to each other around the personality of the president. For them President Chavez being alive is what keeps them together.

For half of the country the supreme court’s decision is not valid while the other half is satisfied as long as they can have Chavez in power,” he said.