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Berlusconi deal means he will not stand for prime minister

Berlusconi deal means he will not stand for prime minister
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Silvio Berlusconi will not pursue his ambition to return to the office of prime minister. That’s the price of a deal he has finally secured with the Northern League in a bid to strengthen Italy’s centre-right ahead of next months election. The strategy is aimed at destabilising a centre-left government. The former PM revealed in a radio interview he has other aspirations for office.

“If they think that I would be useful for the government, the position that would let me best express all my experience would be the position of Minister of Finance. That would allow me to show once again, that I have no political ambition, and I don’t think of politics as something that gives me advantages.”

Roberto Moroni the Northern League leader has yet to comment on the new alliance. Berlusconi has been working for weeks to seal the deal with his former allies.

“This is the fig leaf that Berlusconi and the alliance had to put in order to make this new alliance a possibility. He could not come out and say OK I am the new leader I am going to run for prime minister again and the Northern League is going to support me,” explained Franco Pavoncello, President of John Cabot University.

The Northern League was part of Berlusconi’s previous coalition government. He wanted the alliance to increase his number of seats in the Senate and make it hard for the next government to pass laws. The centre-left has been ahead in the opinion polls for several months.