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Sandy Hook children try to get back to normal

Sandy Hook children try to get back to normal
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Pupils from the Connecticut school where a deadly shooting took place are now attending the newly-renamed Sandy Hook Elementary in a neighbouring town.

Chalk Hill School in Monroe, closed for over a year, has been made to look as similar as possible to the original Sandy Hook in Newtown. Classrooms have been painted the same colours and furniture matches what was in the first Sandy Hook.

Security around the new school is tight, with police guarding the entrance and checking the identity of parents dropping off their children.

“We don’t want them (the students) to think this is a police state. We want them to know that this is a school and a school first and that it is a place they are to come to learn, enjoy their friends and grow up,” Keith White of the Monroe Police Department told reporters.

Twenty children and six adults were killed when Adam Lanza opened fire at the Newtown school on December 14.

There is still no clear motive for why the 20-year old gunman, who then shot himself, targeted Sandy Hook Elementary. Police investigators say it could take months for them to complete a report.

The massacre has prompted many US schools to review their security measures.