Protests continue as dead India rape victim is cremated

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Protests continue as dead India rape victim is cremated

Protests continue as dead India rape victim is cremated
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People in India have been paying their respects to the victim of gang rape on the day her body arrived back in New Delhi.

It was flown home from Singapore where the woman had been treated for her injuries, and cremated at a private ceremony.

The 23-year-old student’s case has provoked widespread protests over sexual violence towards women and the government has announced the first steps towards tackling the problem.

At some of the protests, police were accused of cracking down on demonstrators and beating women.

The outcry has caught the Indian government off guard. Issues such as rape and violence towards women rarely enter mainstream debate.

Outside the capital, rickshaw drivers protested in Gujarat state and people marched in cities including Chennai.

One demonstrator said: “We strongly condemn this misogynist violence that is truly upsetting. We are all condemning this act and we are very angry. We are all very upset about the place of women in this country.”

“Until the culprits are given the death penalty and their trials speeded up in fast track courts, this movement will not cease,” said another.

It has been reported that the young woman who died was on the way home from the cinema with a male friend on a bus. They were beaten by a gang wielding metal rods and the woman was repeatedly raped.

Six men have been charged with her murder.