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Focus on victims in the "rape capital of the world"

Focus on victims in the "rape capital of the world"
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Mugunga camp houses thousands of displaced people near Goma in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. They have sought refuge here from the ongoing conflict in the country.

Women are especially vulnerable. Here, rape is not just a crime – it is a weapon of war.

“I was working on our farm,” one woman explains, “they came threatening me with their guns, they said ‘if you don’t let us rape you, we will kill you.’ So they forced me down and then raped me and left.”

The UNHCR has set up a special clinic to treat and support the displaced women who are victims of rape in Goma.

Doctors explain that the victims of rape are given what is called a “PEP” kit within 72 hours of the attack to help prevent infection. If there are complications, they are sent on to hospital.

The Congolese government has been battling the M23 rebel group since March when it launched a mutiny. The country has since become what the UN has described as “the rape capital of the world.”

Investigators say at least 126 women were raped around the town of Minova near Goma in November, as government forces retreated from a rebel advance.