UK floods expected to worsen over Christmas

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UK floods expected to worsen over Christmas

UK floods expected to worsen over Christmas
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You could be more forgiving if it was snow preventing you from getting home for Christmas. But in Britain, it is heavy rains that have left railway lines and many towns under several centimetres of water.

More downpours are is forecast across much of south and western England as well as Wales and Scotland over the next two days.

UK authorities have issued more than 160 flood warnings and travellers have been warned to expect delays during today’s last minute Christmas rush.

In the county of Devon, locals came to the aid of this surf shop owner who’s store was flooded.

“What’s really surprising is how the community has gathered round and helped us out. You can look around. It’s quite humbling actually. So whilst it’s devastating, it’s actually amazing how people have really come out and helped, almost embarrassing,” said Julian Matthews.

In the same town, many locals are disappointed that new flood defences failed to cope with the heavy rain when the local river burst its banks.

Richard Cresswell from the UK’s Environment Agency said: “We built the flood defence here in the summer, 1.5 million pounds worth of investment. The water went over the top of it. We believe that the (water) flows were probably more than 1 in a 100 year flood which the scheme was designed to protect the community from.”

In Scotland, dozens of residents were evacuated on Sunday.

On total, more than 100,000 homes are at risk of flooding across the UK.