Egypt opposition alleges referendum "fraud"

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Egypt opposition alleges referendum "fraud"

Egypt opposition alleges referendum "fraud"
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Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi faces further turmoil after his opponents complained of voting fraud during the referendum on the draft constitution.

Unofficial results from Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood showed the charter was approved by 64 percent of voters.

But the National Salvation Front has complained of attempts to influence the result.

They want the allegations investigated before the official tally is released.

Protesters, still camped out in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, say their campaign against the president will continue.

“Till now we have been sitting peacefully. We are not going to escalate the situation. But what we all need is a constitution that expresses the demands of all Egyptians,” said Mahmoud Hamman, an opposition supporter.

But while they vow not to resort to violence, deep divisions still exist between Islamists, liberals and Christians.

And that means Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood will face a tougher fight in the parliamentary election, which is expected in about two months.

The opposition says it has been united by its fight against the president’s perceived power grab.

But Mursi’s supporters say the ‘yes’ vote will help bring back stability.