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U.S. gun rhetoric sparks protests

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U.S. gun rhetoric sparks protests
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There were protests at a press conference held by the National Rifle Association. They came as the head of the NRA enraged many with the statement “The only guy that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

The words from the powerful gun lobby have reverberated throughout the political establishment. Senator Dianne Feinstein recalled a school shooting three years ago.

“28,300 public schools, that’s about a third of all public schools have armed security staff. In fact, there were two armed law enforcement officers, who twice engaged the shooters at Columbine. That didn’t prevent 15 from being killed, and 23 wounded,” she said.

Anti-gun activists staged a demonstration outside the Washington hotel where the NRA had held its press conference. One said, “I think armed guards at schools are absolutely wrong. I mean, it’s just going to cause more and more problems,” another added, “20 children are dead, our laws are broken, and it could happen again tomorrow.”

The protests came a week after the shootings in Newtown in which 26 were killed at the school. Across the States people marked the day by observing a moments silence. Funerals for those killed continued on Friday.