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Rape sparks nationwide protests in India

Rape sparks nationwide protests in India
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Protests in India against the horrific gang rape of a young student are intensifying following the arrest of five suspects.

The 23 year-old victim is fighting for her life in hospital in New Delhi after being gang-raped on a busy bus for nearly an hour before being thrown from the moving vehicle.

The rape was filmed on phones by passengers and quickly went viral around the world, shaming police into action to pursue a crime which, it is estimated, happens once every 18 hours in the capital, India’s sex crime centre, but is rarely prosecuted.

Women’s groups are trying to turn it into a pivotal moment to improve their rights, and there have been calls for the five to receive the death penalty if found guilty. The normal rape penalty is 10 years.

It has been noted that many of the protesters are college students, and that the speed with which protests have spread nationwide may mean the world’s largest democracy is about to face the glaring sexual inequalities running through society.

National crime statistics suggest nearly 90% of violent crime in India is against women.