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Egypt votes in date with destiny

Egypt votes in date with destiny
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Voting is underway in the second round of Egypt’s hotly-contested constitutional referendum, with cities such as Port Said, Aswan and Suez along with 17 regions completing the national picture that began to take shape last weekend.
As then, the atmosphere running up to the vote was fraught and sometimes violent, but today Egypt has been quiet, although the same long queues to vote were in evidence just after sunrise.

Pre-poll clashes between supporters and opponents of the new constitution continued well into the night, especially in Alexandria.

Last weekend voting was extended by four hours to allow everyone to vote, but many of the 25 million eligible complained of not being able to. Today a similar number is being asked to vote, in areas which are thought to be more favourable to the ruling Muslim Brotherhood.

It has already claimed a first-round victory with an unofficial 57 percent share of the vote. The official result is not expected until Monday.