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Bugarach's spell in the media spotlight ends

Bugarach's spell in the media spotlight ends
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End of the worlders have celebrated what fortunately turned out to be a non-event. Most of those who gathered at Bugarach in France, which tradition has it would be spared the predicted December 21 apocalypse, seemed content just to have been there.

One tourist said: “This is an important geo-telluric point. Everybody talks about it so it just makes you want to see it, but then, it’s just fun to look at who’s here. There are more cops and journalists than anyone else… There’s nothing to see actually.”

But another was frankly sick of all the fuss. “There’s been a lot of attention drawn to the village in the last few days that will soon be over, and nobody will speak of Bugarach again and we’ll get some peace.”

This being a media savvy modern world, others used the surfeit of journalists to protest against the building of a new airport – admittedly miles away from Bugarach – and for some reason dragged along a flock of sheep.

One woman said her woolly friends were there because the world is hungry and if any world should end its the world of hunger….!

Our reporter, Ali Sheikholeslami who appeared to have found a new alien friend said:

“Calm and quiet has come back to Bugarach after the biggest media frenzy in its history – thanks to my new friend. The good thing is, life didn’t come to an end, the apocalypse didn’t happen.. so for many it’s party time.”