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Fiji vows to rebuild after Cyclone Evan wrecks homes

Fiji vows to rebuild after Cyclone Evan wrecks homes
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The clean-up begins on Fiji after the worst tropical storm in two decades wrecked homes and cut power to thousands of people.

At times, Cyclone Evan’s winds topped 230 kilometres per hour as they passed through the Pacific islands.

The storms caused light aircraft at the airport to flip over, roads were flooded and roofs were blown off hotels.

More than 8,000 people, including tourists, were evacuated to emergency shelters.

Local residents have since returned to survey the damage.

“The first thought came to my mind was that I don’t know how we’re going to construct this, put it up again,” said Sereana Vulisina, whose house was severely damaged by the Cyclone. “But luckily when we were here, the neighbours came. The people said: ‘Don’t worry. We’ll help you put up your house again.’”

There were no reports of deaths on Fiji. Earlier Cyclone Evan wreaked havoc on the islands of Samoa, where at least four people were killed.

Fijian ministers have toured the islands by helicopter to assess the damage. Australia and New Zealand have offered recovery teams and emergency supplies.