Syria: No end to the carnage in sight

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Syria: No end to the carnage in sight

Syria: No end to the carnage in sight
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As the violence in Syria continues unabated diplomatic moves to end the carnage are intensifying

The UN has expressed its fears for the well being of civilians caught up in the fighting and Iran, an ally of President Basher al-Assad, has touted a six-point plan to end the chaos.

Tehran wants “an immediate halt to violence and armed actions under the supervision of the UN.” Iran has long advocated a political solution between government and opposition groups to end the crisis. However, rebels reject any Iranian involvement in the search for a solution as many believe Tehran’s undisputed backing of Assad discredits any plan.

Hassan Kazemi is an advisor to the the Iranian Vice-President, Hassan Kazemi Qumi:
“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Syrian regime and backs the policies of reforms held by the Syrian government. We support any dialogue and the national reconciliation of Syria.”

Turkey wants Assad to step-down early next year and the French believe that the end is nigh for the regime.

Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs:

“I think that the end is very close for Bashar al-Assad, you have seen, even if it is controversial, that the Russians are now considering it. We must now ask ourselves if Assad wants to set the whole region on fire.”

The bombing by a Syrian air force jet that killed and wounded scores of Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp on Sunday, the largest camp in Damascus, has further displaced thousands.

Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are already under pressure from the sheer volume of those fleeing the fighting.