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Syrian rebels seize army base in western Aleppo

Syrian rebels seize army base in western Aleppo
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Syrian rebels continue to battle President Bashir al-Assad’s military forces for control of the country.

The most fierce clashes are still centred around Aleppo and the capital Damascus.

A recent comment by Mikhail Bogdanov, the Kremlin’s Middle East special envoy that Assad might be losing ground to the rebels has prompted fears of a backlash by the regime.

But so far there have been no reports of chemical weapons being used in warfare. And Damascus denied that scud-style ballistic missiles have been used in recent days.

The British-based Syrian Observatory said planes had been bombarding areas where the rebels have been fighting for control.

After weeks of fighting, the rebels finally seized a large army base just west of Aleppo. The development indicates a tightening of their grip on hard-fought areas.

But the real victims are the civilians. Fuel shortages, food prices up by a reported 500% in some areas, round the block queues for basics like bread and milk.

And now, with winter closing in, the bombs and fighting might play second fiddle to hunger and the elements.