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Vigil held for Venezuela's ailing president Hugo Chavez

Vigil held for Venezuela's ailing president Hugo Chavez
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A ceremony was held for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who suffered bleeding due to a six-hour operation.

The 58-year old socialist leader went under the knife in Cuba to treat a third bout of cancer in the pelvic region.

Even some of his fiercest critics voiced their concern as the government issued a statement.

Ernesto Villegas, the Information Minister said:

“This process of recovery will take time because of the complexity of the operation. And also, due to complications that arose in the surgery. There was bleeding that required the adoption of corrective measures that brought it under control.”

Chavez only named a successor for the first time on Saturday in the event that he has to leave office.

He begins a new term on January 10th, but according to the constitution, a new election must be held within 30 days if he is unable to take his post.

State TV has aired images of tearful members of the public. Officials have also begun preparing for the political reality that he may not survive.