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Italian centre-left chief Bersani backs Monti

Italian centre-left chief Bersani backs Monti
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The head of Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party, Pier Luigi Bersani, has dismissed former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s latest turnaround to drop out of the election race.

Berlusconi offered not to run if Prime Minister Mario Monti stepped in to head the centre-right coalition.

Bersani also appeared to be behind Monti’s involvement in Italian politics:

“I have said to Prime Minister Monti directly and I have also said publicly, I hold it absolutely necessary that this figure must continue to have a role in our country”

As Italy continues to be engulfed in political uncertainty, Bersani has backed Monti in parlilament but stopped short of offering him support for re-election.

Ignazio La Russa is a MP and served as Minister of Defence Silvio Berlusconi’s fourth cabinet.

“Never again with a government of technocrats and never again with a government with the Left. I wait to see whether Monti really declares himself ready to lead a Centre-Right government. Then we’ll talk about it.”

But despite the internal wranglings, it’s the world markets and other European leaders that Italy really needs to get along with.

Monti was given much of the credit for restoring the country’s financial credibility. Investors remain less impressed with Berlusconi.