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Syrian refugees struggle to survive the winter

Syrian refugees struggle to survive the winter
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There aren’t enough blankets to go around at the refugee camp near the Syrian village of Atmeh close to the Turkish border. Camp residents tussle over the few that are brought in by a truck carrying donations.

There isn’t enough of anything here. The most basic items are in short supply; no toilets, no electricity, and barely enough food.

Around 12 thousand people live in the camp, uprooted by the country’s brutal civil war, and now facing a bitterly cold winter.

Refugee Mariam Ghraibeh said:“By God it is difficult here, There is rain, we live in a tent and there is no heating here. There is not enough food . We don’t have running water. It is unbearable.”

Around 3,000 of those in the camp are under the age of 12.

Abdullah Ahmed was badly injured when his house in Hama was bombed. He said “ We were inside our house and they dropped a bomb onto our home. And the house just exploded.”

The UN estimates that 3 million Syrians have been displaced since the conflict began in March 2011.