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Egypt's opposition rejects constitutional referendum

Egypt's opposition rejects constitutional referendum
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There has been a fresh wave of protests in Egypt against President Mursi’s plan for a constitutional referendum.

Egypt’s main opposition has rejected the idea saying it risked dragging the country into “violent confrontation.”

Despite a concession offered by the president to retract his sweeping powers, his opponents are accusing him of plunging Egypt deeper into crisis by refusing to postpone the vote.

Sameh Ashour, head of Egypt’s Lawyer Syndicate said: “the referendum that is sure to increase strife and divisions.”

But not everyone is up in arms against President Mursi. Hundreds of his supporters rallied outside the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Cairo, claiming the referendum will seal Egypt’s democratic transition.

“We are fully behind any decisions taken by Mohamed Mursi and we are with him until he cleanses the country of the remnants of the regime and he cleanses the country of anger because there are people who do not wish Egypt well,” said Jameel Abdel.

Whichever side is closer to the truth, Egyptian TV employees say they are planning further protests against what they call pressure from the government to favour the Muslim Brotherhood in their reports.