Egypt opposition rejects Mursi's call for dialogue

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Egypt opposition rejects Mursi's call for dialogue

Egypt opposition rejects Mursi's call for dialogue
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Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi’s speech calling for a national dialogue to solve the country’s latest political crisis appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

A leading activist group rejected an offer of talks between political leaders, senior legal figures and representatives of the many angry protesters.

The referendum on the draft constitution, which Mursi’s opponents claim was was rushed through, is set to be held in just over a week.

Once again last night, the crowd demanded that Mursi step down.

“All the people gathered here in Tahrir Square have decided that the president should be removed from office and be brought to justice,” said one demonstrator.

Mursi’s call for calm came after seven people were killed and more than 640 injured in violence on Wednesday night.

Weeks of tension escalated after Mursi granted himself wide new powers, over-ruling the judiciary on presidential decisions.

With little in the way of concessions, his opponents say they’ll continue their protests later today and for as long as it takes.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, our correspondent in Cairo said: “Protesters here refused to watch President Mohamed Mursi’s speech on TV, rejecting his call for dialogue, leaving us in no doubt that the crisis is set to continue.”