Philippines Typhoon Bopha: nearly 400 dead

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Philippines Typhoon Bopha: nearly 400 dead

Philippines Typhoon Bopha: nearly 400 dead
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The death toll now stands at nearly 400, two days after Typhoon Bopha raged across the Southern Philippines, though this is expected to rise sharply.

In the Compostela Valley alone, around 600 are still missing.

Communist guerrillas have offered a temporary truce to allow the military to look for survivors.

Local hospitals are filled with wounded people who have lost contact with their love ones.

Municipal worker, Lulito Campos, explains took a child home who was alone in a temporary shelter:

“I temporarily took this boy home because he could not be accommodated in the gymnasium because it was crowded and he could not be prioritised, so I bought him medicines for the time being.”

Another survivor, Elisa Risane, described losing her children:

“I was holding my two children and something fell on me and pinned me down.

“They said ‘mama!’ Then I lost consciousness and lost my grip.”

Typhoon Bopha carrying gusts of around 150 kph devastated the mining and farming towns in the resource rich island of Minanao to the south.

Political will

At the UN Climate Change summit in Doha, Naderev Sano, head of the Philippines made an emotional appeal:

“It is about what is demanded of us by seven billion people. I appeal to all, please no more delays, no more excuses, let Doha be remembered as the place where we found the political will to turn things around”.

In the Philippines the effects of climate change are already being felt.

Officials are appealing for food clothing and water as nearly 180,000 people remain in shelters across the south of the country.