Slovenia doubts impact of new president

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Slovenia doubts impact of new president

Slovenia doubts impact of new president
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Former prime minster Borut Pahor has been elected as the new president of Slovenia.

The opposition Social Democrat takes the largely ceremonial office at a time of rising unrest in the recession hit country.

The Alpine nation of 2 million has seen a raft of protests over cuts to public spending and alleged corruption.

Residents of the capital Ljubljana appear completely underwhelmed:

“I do not expect anything, because the President does not have a lot of power so he can’t change anything. He does not make decisions about things – he represents the country internationally. Here he can’t change much. With promises alone one can’t achieve much. They all make promises, but they give us nothing,” said one woman.

Even one of the new president’s supporters has little enthusiasm:

“I am happy with the results since my candidate won and this is a gain for my party. But I do not have high expectations, as the president
does not have a lot of jurisdiction.”

Times are tough in Slovenia and demonstrations against the government of Janez Jansa are becoming ever more frequent.

His conservative government plans to raise the retirement age, dilute labour laws, cut public sector wages and benefits and sell off state assets.