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In nomine @Pontifex - Pope's Twitter address announced

In nomine @Pontifex - Pope's Twitter address announced
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The Vatican has unveiled the handle of the pope’s new Twitter account.

@Pontifex is expected to be one of the most-followed Twitter accounts ever — Benedict already has 1.2 billion followers in the real world — now the 85 year old is embracing 21st century technology to reach the younger generation.

Visiting the Vatican, Sister Giuliana Cinciatto Gonsalves Dos Santos said: “We have to walk together and take advantage of the new means of communication to spread the word. This is wonderful, the pope together with young people who use technology today — wonderful.”

Dutch tourist Sandro Autens had a different view. “I think he should do other things to reach out to the young people,” he said, “like start allowing condoms and stuff like that. I think that would be better. He could tweet about that.”

Benedict will press the button to send his first tweet on December 12. After that, most of his messages will be written by staff.

A spokesman said special measures have been taken to prevent the pope’s account from being hacked – there’s to be only one tweeting computer in the Vatican.