Japan's Judo Grand Slam dominance falters

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Japan's Judo Grand Slam dominance falters

Japan's Judo Grand Slam dominance falters
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The Japanese domination of the Judo Grand Slam International suffered slightly on Saturday.

The first victory to a fighter from a country other than Japan went to Linda Bolder of the Netherlands.

She won the women’s 70kg final against Japan’s Haruka Tachimoto.

The Dutch fighter started with a strong attack, and countered with an opportunistic Ura-Nage but it was not precise enough to score.

Bolder was later penalised for lack of activity, but soon after she launched a fierce attack scoring a Yuko point and victory.

Shortly afterwards Olympic gold medalist Kim-Jae-Bum of South Korea won the last fight of the day: the men’s 81-kg final.

The world champion for the last two years took out his strongest seeded opponent in the Semi-final, Brazil’s Victor Penalber. He managed to get Waza-ari with just five five-seconds to spare.

That left the Korean up against Russia’s Ivan Vorobev for the final.

Both men fought conservatively but in the end, Kim won the uneventful bout as he had incurred fewer penalties.

All round it was has still been a strong performance by Japan following their Olympics disappointment.

On Friday Japanese judokas won the men’s 60kg, 66kg as well as the women’s 48kg, 52kg and 57kg titles.

On Saturday the other two classes were also all Japanese affairs.