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Palestinian's UN victory means little say Israelis

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Palestinian's UN victory means little say Israelis
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Israeli reactions to the UN general assembly vote granting the Palestinians non-member state status in the world body have been near-unanimous.

In Jerusalem there was dismay and resignation, while some clearly felt the vote was hardly worth comment.

“As far as the Palestinians, if they chose to have the UN vote that the moon is made out of Swiss cheese, they would get a majority. So it means nothing except that it kind of pushes back the possibility for peace”, said Yossi Goldman.

In Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank like Tamar Efrat people are unsure about what happens next, and if the recognition is the first step towards their homes being taken away from them.

“It’s a reward for terrorism, it’s just a simple gift, it’s another step towards what they are trying to do and that is to move the Israeli Jewish state out of here little by little. They have only one main goal and that is to destroy the Jewish state and to
take over what they claim is theirs”, said Ira Imberman, a resident of Tamar Efrat.

“I think it will be a bit to Israel’s disadvantage because they are going to take things to the criminal court, probably against the settlements in the future”, said a neighbour, Frank Balkan.

Although the Palestinians have not asked to join the ICC the settler’s fear is it could rule their homes illegal, and order their evacuation.