Egypt draft constitution approval sees further protests

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Egypt draft constitution approval sees further protests

Egypt draft constitution approval sees further protests
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Cairo’s Tahrir Square is once again packed with demonstrators hours after the final draft of the country’s new constitution was readied for presidential approval.

Protesters are angry that Islamist supporters of President Mohammed Mursi have dominated the body set up to draft the charter.

They say the proposed constitution will restrict freedom of speech and could give Muslim clerics the chance to oversee new legislation.

“Mursi has failed with his new constitution declaration,” said one protester. “He gave himself the power of a God and said its only temporary for two months.”

The opposition claims the draft has been rushed through as part of a power grab by Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another man said: “Ousted president Hosni Mubarak didn’t divide the Egyptian people during his rule. Now we have Mursi and we don’t understand if he is the president of Egypt or president of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

All 234 articles in the draft were approved at an all-night session by the constitution assembly.

But liberal and Christian groups boycotted the drafting, saying their voices weren’t being heard.

The draft will now be sent to Mursi who must put it to a popular referendum within 30 days.