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UK floods: Four dead, water levels still rising

UK floods: Four dead, water levels still rising
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Large areas of Wales and England remain on flood alert after several days of almost non-stop heavy rains caused devastation in many parts of both countries.

The death toll from the storms has risen to four and around 1,400 homes have been evacuated.

Lifeboat crews have joined land-based emergency services in the rescue operation.

The southwestern counties of Devon and Cornwall were first to be flooded, followed by central
England and north Wales.

British Prime Minister David Cameron visited one area to see the damage for himself.

“What I’ve found is people who are incredibly steadfast, who have behaved incredibly bravely at handling the floods and now we need to help them with the recovery,” he said.

“We’ve got to make sure that their insurance pays out, make sure the Environment Agency puts in place good flood defences, make sure there are better warning schemes. There are always lessons to learn and I wanted to come here and learn them for myself.”

Britain’s Environment Agency says although the weather forecast should improve, water levels aren’t expected to peak for another 48 hours.

It warns that larger rivers like the Thames, Trent and Severn are now at risk of flooding.