Protesters call for Egypt President Mursi to resign

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Protesters call for Egypt President Mursi to resign

Protesters call for Egypt President Mursi to resign
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Thousands of protesters have gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, demanding the resignation of Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi.

The calls come after the country’s first post-revolution leader issued a decree putting his decisions above legal challenge.

One protester told euronews: “Egyptian people can not accept that the president keeps three authorities – the legislative, the executive and the judiciary – under his control. He deserves everything that’s happening now.”

Another said: “Decisions issued by a dictator, even when Mubarak was controlling the country, did not come to this. This is a blatant infringement on the country’s judiciary.”

Clashes erupted between pro-and-anti-Mursi protesters, showing up the deep divisions that still exist between liberals and Islamists.

In several cities, the offices of Mursi’s group, the Muslim Brotherhood, were attacked.

Pro-Mursi rallies were also held across the country.

The president told supporters outside his palace in Cairo that Egypt was on a path towards “freedom and democracy”.

Mursi’s decree will stay in force until a new parliament is elected.

It states that no authority, including the judiciary, can revoke any presidential decision.

It also gives special protection to an assembly, dominated by Islamists, which is drawing up Egypt’s new constitution.