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Syria opposition coalition rejected by Islamist group

Syria opposition coalition rejected by Islamist group
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A video posted on the Internet has sent a stark message to the newly formed Syrian opposition coalition and the west.

In it a group of extremist Islamist claim they have formed an “Islamic state” in the embattled city of Aleppo.

The words and tone underline the group wants nothing to do with the Western-backed bloc rejecting what it called a, “foreign project”.

The video has not been independently verified but was released on a website which carries al-Qaida statements.

The head of the new coalition has, according to reports announced it will make its headquarters in Egypt. Mouaz Alkhatib was speaking after a meeting in Cairo with the country’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr.

Details are scant and a short statement released by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry after Monday’s meeting made no reference to whether the new coalition would move to Cairo., but pledged, “all means of assistance to the Syrian coalition”.

Like France Italy has decided to give the Syrian National Coalition recognition. A government spokesman said it was giving the coalition “political” recognition, not diplomatic.