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Diplomats talk peace in Cairo as violence continues

Diplomats talk peace in Cairo as violence continues
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There is confusion as to whether a ceasefire is imminent in the Gaza Strip following assertions a truce is on the table in talks between the two sides.

Hamas claims Israel has offered a truce, while Israel warns a ground offensive will be the response to continued rocket fire.

So we may be just hours away from an end to the violence, but everyone is still talking tough.

“We will not accept any Israeli demands, they are the ones who attacked. Secondly, a ceasefire will occur when our demands are met. They are asking for a ceasefire, then the aggression should also end and we insist on the achievement of our demands,” said Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal in Cairo.

Israel says it will stop squeezing Gaza and blasting it from the air once no more missiles are fired into its territory. Until then no end is in sight to the suffering in Gaza, which is again making the supreme sacrifice for the Palestinian cause.

Or is it? More voices are wondering why Hamas and Islamic Jihad suddenly decided six days ago to intensify their missile attacks on Israel. Are they serving Palestinian interests or those of their paymasters Iran, maybe in need of a little regional distraction right now to take the heat off them?

It has been noted their other regional ally, Hezbollah in Lebanon, has been quiet, unless that is because they are busy shoring up support for Syria’s President Assad.