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Fewer crowds than usual but the nightlife goes on in Tel Aviv

Fewer crowds than usual but the nightlife goes on in Tel Aviv
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The end of the Jewish Sabbath and it is usually a chance to get out and relax in one of Tel Aviv’s numerous bars and restaurants.

There may be fewer people around than usual but even with the threat of rockets reaching the city the locals who venture out seem to be putting on a stoical face.

Reporting for euronews, Luis Carballo asked a woman enjoying a drink in the old port area of the city: “So this a normal Saturday for you?”
“No not exactly,” she replied.” We are very scared but life must go on.”

One man added: “The missiles continue to fall here but they are not the dangerous ones. I think that the army has destroyed the most dangerous long range rockets already. And there is also the iron dome anti missiles to protect.”

“The thing is that there is no other option, we must do what we are doing now. The army must do what it is doing to make all the people sleep well at night,” said another Tel Aviv resident.

Luis Carballo summed up: “Tel Aviv is known as the city that never sleeps and even in the middle of a major crisis like this one, its inhabitants are determined to make that reputation last. It’s true that the trendy spots of the city are less crowded than usual but the same expression comes out all the time: life goes on.”